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Fill Your Masterminds & High Ticket Programs

With YouTube Clients.


Welcome to Youtube Clients!


At Youtube Clients, we are passionate about helping Coaches and Consultants like you not only to fill your coaching programs and mastermind using YouTube clients but also scale your businesses to 8 figures and beyond. Our commitment to your success goes beyond the ordinary, and that's why we've developed a cutting-edge framework, currently in Beta, known as MomentumX.



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Abhi - The Business and Sales Consultant:

With over a decade of experience in building businesses in the online industry, he has achieved $1M+ in sales, excelling as a closer for major coaching companies. His expertise also extends to marketing, coaching, consulting, and Sales.

Chris - The Creative Marketing Maverick:

With half a decade of experience in the online space, he specializes in copywriting, content creation, direct-response advertising, and YouTube ads. He's a master at organic client acquisition through marketing and sales. His innovative approach ensures your coaching programs get noticed.



Youtube Organic

Creating/Building/ Growing a Youtube Following and attracting potential clients with your videos at the same time building fans  

Youtube Ads

Running Retargeting Campaigns and ads to new audiences with Youtube and getting new leads and growing your channel at the same time

Email Marketing +Cold Email 

Collecting emails from your viewers in exchange for lead magnets and marketing to them while building a cold email campaign to get more eyeballs

Community and Sales Systems

Building and growing a community where we build your sales pipeline and farm leads long term 


I wish I found out about YouTube Clients sooner, incredible team to work with and they really go above and beyond to deliver results and treat you like a VIP


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